Dating australian men rules

17-Feb-2016 21:56

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we dont need to be in a relationship or be married to buy a house anymore... theres no need for co-dependance dependance can mean a number of things as i had stated before... relying on someone to make you feel like the person you are..

there are alot of people that are single that do do it on their own....before they are in a relationship or married.... doesnt always have to come with marriage though.would i want a husband... if the right man comes along that allows me to have time to myself... or having to be with someone to have the things you want....i see things differently then my mother....

and i've always worked in female dominated environments.

as i get older, social networks shrink/change and it's less likely i will meet a man even just to hang out with.

they only think they can buy things or own things if they are in a relationship of some sort...

(i've got great friends, been married before, have bought a house), but meeting people outside of my social networks makes life interesting.another being that i am somehow different when travelling (but that doesnt' explain travelling in australia and only meeting international travellers).