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21-Jul-2016 20:00

The University of Copenhagen’s Studenterhuset, located in the centre of Copenhagen, offers volunteer opportunities and a chance to connect with lots of non-Danes. Check out our guide from (a couple of years back) to the top 10 volunteer jobs. Don’t get discouraged when Danish people reply back to you in English.

Keep trying, and don’t let them get the best of you. Putting distance between you and your loved ones makes you reflect on the time you spent together and how much you enjoyed their company.

On top of it all, it will give you a sense of ‘yes, I really can do this! Although you will rarely encounter someone who can’t help you in English, it will make both your life and the lives of Danes much easier.

I can make my way around, I can be independent, I can meet new friends.’ These are all important when moving to a new country. And plus, when Danish-language classes are free with your visa, why wouldn’t you?

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They can be found everywhere, in mass quantities, often served with coffee and sometimes tea.A list of places to cure your sweet tooth: Visit Copenhagen website.