Belgian women dating

24-Feb-2015 22:20

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Belgians tend to be formal and closed when meeting people for the first time, and relationships can take a long time to develop; it's not common to discuss personal matters, or at least at the beginning of your acquaintance.However, once all the aspects of your potential partnership (or even friendship) have been considered and approved, Belgians who enter a relationship are serious and thereafter comfortable with opening up.His Belgian mentality ultimately took over, and nothing else mattered. If you “co-habitate” then you have the same rights and titles as a married couple.Which is why I’m glad Davy and I married after all.

It’s not because the term boyfriend/girlfriend is less sacred in Belgium, but because here the rhythm of life is slower and less dramatic by default. Breaking up and settling into a new relationship is like going from one end of a metal slinky to another, and letting yourself spill out into a new relationship at the end and that’s it. There are just less in proportion, and in concentration, than there are in the States.It’s not to say there are no sluts or man-whores or psycho exes in Belgium. There aren’t “rules” here preventing you from calling somebody you like if you want to, instead of waiting a certain number of days or giving mixed signals and mind-fucking people.It confused me at first because my natural state of cynicism.I see people moving in together after just a month of dating. I’ve had discussions with Belgians my age and younger and older and it doesn’t matter.

They think all the rules of dating in America is headache-inducing.I grew up, studied, and lived in Belgium for over 20yrs, and heres a look at how dating and sex goes in that country.*Girls normally dont start dating untill age 18 their parents are very protective.*Marriage can only happen at age 21, the parents consent is required, and in some cases can be hold up till age 25! *U dont get a drivers liscense till age 18, but can enter a regular bar and buy alcohol at any age.*most Belgian women marry after age 24 *Belgian men&women are not likely to live together before marriage*Porn is widely available, but people are so used to it, its like eating french fries!

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