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20-May-2014 02:28

Colombian women make Marine Drill Instructors look sloppy, so your house better shine.As in most Latin American countries, family is a top priority, so you’ll need to impress the in-laws with something other than your ability to secure legal documents.What she thinks about you: American men are taken about as seriously in Russia as election results.So in order to earn a Russian woman’s respect you'll need to assert confidence all the time. by winning at chess or being named "Pavel Bure", of course. And they will expect you to provide, so “travel writing for a men’s lifestyle website” is only a valid occupation if that “travel” includes trips for five to Monaco. The dirty: Talking about sex to a Russian woman is about as good an idea as talking about incendiary devices at airport security.Obviously some don't and just really like your Americanly overweight physique.So basically, do some homework before applying for that fiancé visa.So if your girl's from Beijing, you’re getting a New Yorker.If she’s from Shanghai, she’s an SEC sorority girl.

What to expect: Your days of leaving beer cans and pizza boxes on the coffee table are over.

The dirty: Colombian girls aren’t uptight when it comes to sex, so let the jokes fly -- just not in front of your friends.

While she might be down to reenact those scenes from have things other than "finding a soulmate" on their minds.

What to expect: Since many Dominicanas are, as Shakira put it, “loco con my tiguere” (meaning they trust you about as far as Pat Burrell could throw you), don’t be surprised if that email from a female coworker saying “I want you to CC me” ends up getting you a melon baller to the head.

The dirty: Dominican women are as liberated as men when it comes to sex in monogamous relationships, so make sure you can get the job done, slugger.Which probably explains why American dudes are typically seen as cold and unromantic.