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As I tell my brides all the time: Learn from my mistakes, don't repeat them.1) Accept that you have given up your privacy, except to the extent that you have protected certain things in your contract (which you haven't if this is your first rodeo).With the exception of one or two little meltdowns in the beginning, production won't tolerate stopping filming for you because you don't like what's going on.When that happens too much, the network gets involved because, after all, the filming is on their dime.If, like me, you have thousands of things published out there that pre-date the show, you need to protect all of those things too.

A few details are added for some shows that don't have their own article. This, the biggest and most successful reality genre, features contestants who compete for prizes, while often living together in close quarters.reality show last year, I've been joking that I wanted to write the "Idiot's Guide to Doing Reality Television" or "Reality TV for Dummies." Unfortunately, I'm a full-time wedding planner, part-time blogger, and I run several real businesses so that little fantasy has to wait.However, there are a few things that would seem obvious about jumping into this business but absolutely are not, and I'm going to take a minute to share them now.What I'm hearing from reality "talent" newbies shocks and horrifies me regularly because, even though I was clueless, there are other folks out there who are less informed than Bill and I were when we signed on with a major network like Discovery. So I worry about these other people doing something stupid that will ruin the rest of their lives. I am not an expert on this, so take my advice below for what it is -- the experience I gained while working with one of the biggest, baddest production companies out there to make a show for a very big network.

Okay, I'll admit I've made it sound ominous to take the jump into the reality television. 495 Productions is the 800-pound gorilla of the reality world and owner Sally Ann Salsano, creator of and I had no clue.If the situation is that bad, call your agent, manager, or attorney and have them come to wherever you are to sort out the problem. It can take some time and you will need a referral, but it is worth the wait and doing it right the first time.

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