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Non-resident parents/guardians must complete a non-resident application form.A completed application, along with a copy of the child's report card, must be brought to the nearest summer school site for registration.For documentation requirements, visit the New Student Enrollment Page.Students must register in person at the school the student wishes to attend and provide a completed Non-Public School Enrollment Application, signed by the Principal of the student’s regular school, and a copy of the student report card and/or transcript from their current school (if available).June: Promotion Decision letters sent and students register for summer school.Students who are not making adequate progress towards meeting promotion standards will be required to attend summer school at their home school, if it is offered there, or at a school nearby.

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Students who are new to the New York City public school system are eligible to attend summer school tuition-free if they provide proof of residence and meet the eligibility criteria.If you have questions about participation in elementary school graduation activities, contact the principal of your child’s school. Students who were not promoted in June attend summer school. At the end of the summer, principals make final promotion decisions based on whether students’ portfolios and summer school work demonstrate readiness for the next grade level.Beginning in mid-August, families of students not promoted in June will receive a final promotion decision letter in the mail.May-Early June: Schools determine summer school recommendations.

Schools complete promotion portfolios for students who may not be ready for the next grade level based on student work and assessments from throughout the school year.

All other applicants will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to available seats.