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Concurrently, the company recruited executives who shifted the focus from offering time-sharing services, in which customers wrote their own applications, to one that was focused on packaged applications.The first of these new executives was Robert Tillson, who left Service Bureau Corporation (then a subsidiary of Control Data Corporation, but originally formed as a division of IBM) to become Compu Serve's Executive Vice President of Marketing.Compu Serve Classic shut down in 2009, Compu Serve 2000 followed suit in 2011.Compu Serve Dialer continues to operate as a Web portal.AOL's entry into the PC market in 1991 marked the beginning of the end for CIS.

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Finally, Compu Serve developed its own packet switching network, implemented on DEC PDP-11 minicomputers acting as network nodes that were installed throughout the US (and later, in other countries) and interconnected.The number of users grew, peaking at 3 million in April 1995.By this point AOL had over 20 million users in the United States alone, but this was off their peak of 27 million, due to customers leaving for lower-cost offerings.CIS finally introduced monthly pricing in late 1997, but by that time the number of users leaving all online services for dialup Internet service providers was reaching a crescendo.

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In 1997, CIS's parent company, H&R Block, announced its desire to sell the company.It was allowed to exist initially because home users accessed the computers during evening hours, when the Compu Serve computers were otherwise idle.

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