Acquaintance for dating

12-Oct-2014 22:49

But if it's like a girl in school, then I think it's better to take the time to get to a point where you can flirt and are comfortable with each other beforehand.But someone in my previous threads recommended not going in with a "goal" at first so as to ease the anxiety. I am just trying to get to a point where I can talk/flirt with her comfortably and then I can start thinking about asking her out.Greenberg elaborates though, that if you are not particularly close with your acquaintance, you don't necessarily have to discuss your dating life with her, but suggests being sensitive and avoiding bringing up her ex when in her company.Even if you aren't best of friends with your acquaintance, dating her ex is likely going to send ripples through your social circle.

In an interview with Psych Central, psychologist Mark Sharp suggests looking for problematic patterns from your past relationships before moving forward into a new one.

Your mutual friends may be able to shed some light as to why your acquaintance's relationship failed.

If feelings of jealousy have proven to be problematic in your previous relationships, you might want to rethink your decision if you discover that your new boyfriend's last relationship ended because he is a bit of a flirt.

I think that's why I haven't had any success with girls.

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I never get past the boring conventional conversation-making.

Basically, how do I cure this problem and get to a point at which she's comfortable with me and then I can start thinking about asking her out (if possible)?

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