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I mean, I understand that romance novels aren’t necessarily technical, but it’s like the writer didn’t even make an effort to present the idea as something realistic, believable and actually research-worthy. After the bad boy, Dax Hunter enters the story, fulfilling the stereotypical role of the rock star.Dax is the lead vocalist of MFB, which stands for My Favorite Band.

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From there, she comes up with the research topic: “Does the modern day romance novel leading man create unrealistic expectations for a prolonged adult relationship?

And like the others, they’re both hot and attractive and panty-melting and whatever. Piper rationalizes that she and Dax have only been on one date, and that since they are nowhere near being exclusive, she and Dax are allowed to see other people. You have every right to be back here kissing whoever you want.” “Then why are you back here crying about it?

Piper acts like the most ridiculous schoolgirl around them, and it is actually pretty damn annoying. The only thing unattractive about him is the way Piper kept referring to his laugh as an “adorable manly giggle.” I mean, what does a manly giggle even sound like? She continues with her thesis work by looking for a Dominant online. ” “I feel stupid that it hurt seeing you with someone else.”He pressed a soft kiss to the top of my head, and when he spoke, his voice whispered low just for me. Our new word for when we need to slow things the fuck down before I throw you up against the hood of my car and fuck you in the middle of this parking lot.” Piper and Dax begin a relationship.

Of the reported cases, just 25 per cent amounted to the million-plus losses.

The figure is the largest amount of money lost to any type of scam, and million greater than the same reports of 2015."This is devastating.Similar to the first test subject, the rock star is apparently physically attractive beyond belief.