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Pickup techniques: Make aggressive but smart statements. Use historical examples but also throw in something about Aqua Teen Hunger Force.ESFJ-Why you want one: Literally your standard bro or prototypical 'wife material.’Spoiler alert: They’re not that interesting.Pickup technique: Make a really boring and unnecessary statement about the progress of the night. ENFP- Why you want one: Passionate, unpredictable, absolutely always interesting. Pickup technique: Wear some bright colors, talk about how you bathed in the Ganges to get salvation, give them drugs, promise to get tantric. INFP-Why you want one: They’ll read you poetry and rub your back while you fall asleep, they have the most comfortable beds. Pickup technique: Say you think care ethics is an overlooked school of thought or that you 'really resonate’ with Joni Mitchell or anything else deep nice sounding.ESFP-Why you want one: They’re warm, easy to like, and fun to be around.Make a comment about aesthetics in some capacity, except don’t use the word 'aesthetics’ because they won’t know what it means.INTP-Why you want one: They’re really smart and make up for being awkward not really sexy by having a lot of interesting things to say.ENTP-Why you want one: They have the best circle of smart and interesting friends, they’re laidback, they give great advice.

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They’re the one taking notes or serving a pretentious dish.

Pickup technique: Ask them about Rilke, social justice, chai tea.