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12-May-2016 18:00

Some businesses are actually built on Facebook, with no physical address whatsoever.

Media houses and Celebrities aside, some pages not backed by heavy advertising have actually proved to be quite popular.

She told The Sun: “I know that it was risky behaviour but that was part if the thrill.” One of her Facebook conquests was called Simon from Swindon.

She said they met for drinks in her home town of Bristol and then went back to his hotel for sex.

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And yet 7,852 agree that lab coats are as stylish as capes and make their wearers look like academics. People who think it’s the science not the white coat that gets the heart racing can join any number of other groups from We’re scientists AND we’re sexy to Se Xy Bi Om Ed Ic Al Sc Ie Nt Is Ts.In Kenya, Facebook pages have proved to be quite popular, with some performing particularly well in the ‘Likes’ sector.Today, it is almost impossible to find any worthy business without their own page.The admin had to shut down the group’s Wall because she got fed up deleting links to porn sites and because “the t-shirts being posted really had nothing to do with the group.” She’s right, of course. Just about every Windows user must have experienced that Nirvana moment that comes from yelling at the pop-up informing them that the program “has encountered a serious problem” and inviting them to become an unpaid member of Microsoft’s QA team.

Discussion topics in this group include the most satisfying noise to make when yelling and the strangest object members have yelled at (entries include a matador statue and cheese.) Give this group a shout here.If interested let me know and then we can do it as a group. I wanna turn my passion for making samosas into a business.