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I will not count off stares, glares, and eye rolls we get on the subway from white and black people alike, or waste my energy on our white gay acquaintances that reduce our interracial relationship to a wild Mandingo fantasy and a conversation about penis size.

Instead, let's examine the simple, but surprisingly painful act of dining out.

This serves as a sobering reminder that despite the distance this country has traveled on a range of social issues, there is still an enormous amount of ground to cover in reconciling our nation's sinful past with its hopeful future.

As a gay white man and drag queen who is engaged to an African-American man, my interracial same-sex relationship has given me unique insight into the fundamental mistrust, and often subconscious disdain, that people have for anyone different from themselves.

Afterward, The Blaze host told us she and Trevor still don't see eye-to-eye, but that doesn't mean they can't be friends.

She also doesn't give a crap about new haters attacking her.

Therefore, I did what I rarely had done up until this point in life and just shut up and listened.

It was a watershed moment as I began to quietly observe the manner in which we both were treated and what I found forced me to examine my own long-held beliefs about racism.

As for Charlamagne Tha God's big question -- has she been with a black guy? Instead we find relief in humor and chuckle heartily when we recall one of the numbers in the Broadway musical .At one point during the show the characters burst into song declaring that "everyone's a little bit racist." The truth of these lyrics have helped us to recognize that each person is the summation of their experiences and that often racism is subtle and unrecognized by the perpetrators, but that we all have a collective responsibility to continue to grow and that comes from treating others how we want to be treated and not being afraid to listen to each other. Read more selections from the best of Huff Post in Huffington Magazine.Ask almost any white person in America and they will tell you straight out that they are not racist.

You will hear everything from, "I have black friends" to "I voted for Obama" as evidence of their inclusive viewpoints.Unsure what "it" was, he began to explain that the wait staff was completely ignoring his existence, just like in every other restaurant we had gone to before.

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