Updating child records ado meri jawani sexy urdu kahani

25-Jun-2016 08:23

If the primary key can't be modified once added, the updated and inserted rows can be processed in the same statement.

This includes all transaction control, through the Connection object's Begin Trans, Commit Trans, and Rollback Trans methods.

Anything that might have data could possibly be accessed through the OLE DB technology.

This was one of the first technologies to be produced from the research and development of the object- oriented file system at the heart of what Microsoft has been calling "Cairo" for the past few years.

The "demo_update.asp" file contains the source code on how to create input fields based on the fields from one record in the database table.

There are few other considerations involving the primary key.

This object is configured with the connection information, including database location, user ID, and password, before opening the connection.

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