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13-Oct-2014 15:02

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So any men palming through one of James Patterson's novels, have probably caught the attention of nearby ladies.

The survey showed that second most popular form of literature was non-fiction, viewed as attractive by 17 per cent of women, with biographies close behind, favored by 16 per cent.

What's more, this interest for literacy is a trend that keeps popping up.

In fact, 60% of respondents say that they prefer dating those who read avidly. We reveal what our singles find attractive on your bookshelf.

According to Elite Singles psychologist Salama Marine, there are a variety of reasons why singles love those who love books but, chiefly, it’s because ‘’people look for those who have interesting hobbies – and reading is one of them. Because a great book leads to great discussions.’’ She adds ‘’also, your taste in books can highlight aspects of your personality: are you curious, romantic, dreamy?

By sharing your tastes you can show and share your inner world.’’ Salama says that this popularity shows that ‘’reading is an easy passion to share with [your] partner’’ – which makes it the kind of common ground that cements a great relationship! Elite Singles editorial August 2015 Do you have questions or comments about literature and love? Let us know by commenting below or write to us at [email protected] otherwise specified, all percentages are from the Elite Singles 'Bookshelf' survey, 2015.

The law of attraction indicates like is attracted to like.

Our survey revealed what men and women really desire on a potential partner's bookshelf.) have probably caught the attention of nearby ladies.

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