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12-Mar-2014 18:53

Specifications and features In terms of technology, the Genius is good, but it’s not the most outstanding modem/router when it comes to features.

You get ADSL2 compatibility, and for wireless connectivity you get 802.11b/g/n – Orcon says there are two antenna within the Genius unit.

Of course, whether the Genius is a one-size-fits-all solution depends on how well it solves the dual problems of data and voice.

First impressions are great – the Genius is a curved wedge of shiny piano-black plastic that looks at home on top of a desk as well as underneath it.

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The informational lights across the front of the device are all blue, clear enough to spot at a distance, without being too distracting.The idea behind the Genius is to replace your phone and modem/router with one single gadget.