Importance of physical attractiveness in dating behavior

30-Aug-2016 19:49

It was proposed that an individual would most often expect to date, would try to date, and would like a partner of approximately his own social desirability.

In brief, we attempted to apply level of aspiration theory to choice of social goals.

Women’s memory for his features and verbal statements was then tested.

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ABSTRACT: Does women’s memory for a man’s features and verbal statements vary as a function of whether they are thinking about him as a short- versus long-term mate?

In Study 2 (experimental design, n = 1253), we found that participants who prefer to protect their home domain are less inclined to accept jobs in scenarios where their significant other is employed in the same organization, and participants who prefer to protect their work domain are less inclined to initiate a romantic relationship in scenarios that involve a coworker.

In Study 3 (field design, n = 65), we found that individuals who prefer to protect their work or home domain report greater satisfaction with the preferred domain, and whereas the preference to protect the work domain is not associated with higher supervisor ratings of job performance, preference to protect the home domain is associated with higher significant-other ratings of non-work performance.

Design and Methodological Approach In a series of three studies, we investigate whether segmentation preferences vary on two dimensions, how they reflect enactive and proactive boundary management, and their association with domain-specific satisfaction and performance.

Findings In Study 1 (field design, n = 314), we confirmed that segmentation preferences comprise two distinct dimensions, and individuals experience fewer intrusions into the domain they desired to protect.

A field study was conducted in which individuals were randomly paired with one another at a "Computer Dance." Level of aspiration hypotheses were not confirmed.

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