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23-Jan-2017 16:25

It “upshifts” at the top of each ratio, the numerical value of which is known only to the software.

It could be said that the Honda CVT gives us the best of both worlds: step-gear familiarity combined with continuous variability that is invisible to the driver.

We’ve come a long way from the spunky original CR-V, with its rear-mounted spare tire and spindly suspension bits visible underneath. A 7.0-inch touchscreen (now with a radio volume knob!

) is the centerpiece of a pleasantly upscale dashboard with an unusual three-zone instrument cluster.

And, unlike conventional automatics, there’s virtually no kickdown shock when you leg the accelerator for passing.

The new CR-V’s three best assets are that it seems rather quiet for this class, showing excellent cabin isolation on our drive; the steering is typically Honda terrific; and the interior is generous enough that some people eyeing larger SUVs might be lured into the CR-V, thereby enjoying the side benefits of better gas mileage and easier garageability.

Well, what’s good enough for BMW and Range Rover should be good enough for Honda.

It holds a corner with confidence and connects you with a direct line to the pavement.Indeed, neither the Toyota RAV4 nor the Ford Escape comes close to matching the new CR-V 1.5T’s combined EPA rating.