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21-Dec-2014 22:06

Used fewer colors than suggested, and only one weight of yarn.Fringes cut to six inches, and not tied (except for initial overhand knot used to connect new strand of yarn).Selamat menyaksikan LOVE OF SIAM Film drama romantis lawas (rilis 2007) ini bercerita tentang kisah Tong (Mario Maurer) dan Mew (Witwisit Hiranyawongkul), dua remaja SMA yang sempat bersahabat dekat saat menjadi tetangga waktu masih kecil (SD).Persahabatan kedua bocah bermula saat Tong menyelamatkan Mew di toilet sekolah.Notes: Thanks to Colorado Jon who alerted me to the pattern in the first place, and to Cheryl Oberle who pointed out that it was suited to alterations in size. The piece looked absolutely horrible until the final bit of finishing, at which point it became an object of lust and envy for every woman in my office (I trimmed the fringes on the large table in the dining room of the house I work in). I would recommend, however, that it be approached as a long-term undertaking.The collar shaping is the genius bit - it turns a garment that would otherwise be awkward to wear into something that fits like a glove, keeps the neck warm, and drapes like a dream. Since there is no shaping until the collar, and it's all garter stitch, working on it for long stretches can be monotonous.

Sepindahnya Tong, Mew jadi dekat dengan Ying (Kanya Rattanapetch), bocah perempuan yang menempati rumah Tong.

YES OR NO Diadaptasi dari buku berjudul Yes Rak Nee Chai Leay & No Kor Wo Jai Mai Rak karya Lalanon.