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04-Jul-2015 09:38

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I will never date another man who is unemployed, doesn’t have his own place, or doesn’t have a licence. One kept moving in and hanging around all day looking for work.

I’d kick him out because I couldn’t afford to feed him and he would call up begging me to see him. He told me it was my fault he cheated because some days I was in too much pain or too tired to have sex. Yes, sex can be very painful and I act as if I am still in my old body. The next day I feel like I WAS HIT BY A MACK TRUCK.

I had a lucrative career for 25 years before becoming disabled. Only in the US can a person be penalized for paying in to the system all their lives. I can be compassionate because I understand their pain. I also volunteer at two food pantrys and teach sunday school.

If I never worked a day in my life I would get full benefits, free housing, foodstamps, medicaid, free medical and prescriptions, free fuel assistance, 75 percent off my electric bill. But no I worked hard and now I am poorer then the poor. My faith in God keeps me strong long after I want to quit. The men that are interested in me today as a disabled woman are not all that!

Choices cause consequences and for me that means I’m home today and I accept it because there is no point in being angry about it because it serves no interest. I’m curious to find out how you incorporate Feldenkrais movement lessons into your pain management.

I’m a practitioner with my own ongoing pain issues.

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I’m home today because I did too much yesterday, both physically and socially yet I had a had a wonderful time where I was and who I was with.As with other disabilities, chronic pain creates a chain reaction of struggles in one’s life — not the least of which is dating.For me, the dating struggle has manifested in a number of ways: Sometimes getting out of bed is a Herculean task, and the major events of my day consist of taking a hot bath, then lying sprawled on a post-apocalyptic size ice pack. You should try it.) In this case, the impact on my ability to date is obvious: Unless a gaggle of metrosexual hotties not only line up on my doorstep but also magically whip out a key to my apartment, I’m not playing.I also like it that they organize group events out — dancing, going to the theater, taking hikes, and other activities of interest to me. For me they are pricey, given that chronic pain and disability have left me financially drained. The very thing that makes disabled people need a dating service like this is also what makes the service potentially inaccessible to us. This is the 3rd attempt at replying and what I find is that I don’t want to write about what I can’t do because it makes me sad and frustrated.

Regardless, I decided that my romantic life is worth the investment, so I took out a loan to cover the costs, and I’m going for it. I’d rather think about and focus on what I can do w/in my limitations.

My life ended and began on a day in July 20 years ago and I’ve learned that my friends are the ones who are ok knowing that I might have to cancel or postpone.

So many of my favorite memories in life seem to take place around the table, especially when surrounded by people I love.… continue reading »

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A spokesperson for Minister Denis Naughten said this evening that he has asked his officials to contact Comreg today to comprehensively deal with the matter with their UK counterparts Ofcom.… continue reading »

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