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The DA in Massachusetts has declined to prosecute, citing that Massachusetts law requires active enticement to Massachusetts, which the log doesn't have.

Because we couldn't get him to cross into New York, he couldn't be arrested.

NBC News executives staunchly defended the “Predator” investigations but eventually concluded the series had become too highly charged to continue.

“Dateline” quietly aired its 12th and final installment of “Predator” in late December.

Unfortunately, that won't be the case in Edward Rozmiarek's case.Since he didn't offer or want to take the decoy across state lines into Massachusetts, he couldn't be arrested.Had Rozmiarek been in most other states, he could have been arrested.We contacted the Beverly Police Department in Massachusetts and gave them our evidence so they could launch whatever investigation they felt appropriate.

They worked with the district employing Rozmiarek to ensure he would no longer be working there and then searched his house.There is little uniformity across the country in regards to this issue, from what constitutes an offense to the amount of time someone will serve.

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