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The cuts are made on the hips,wrists,stomach or shoulders.

Most tribes in Africa give marks to their people for spiritual protection against evil spirit,another person who want to do them harm or bad luck in their life.Among Ghanaians and other Africans fetish priests, Shamans or herbalists are the ones who prescribe these marks.They cut the body and powerful herbs with spiritual potency are inserted in to heal with the body for the future protection against evil.Yoruba facial mark (it is known as yensuwa kam "crying mark" in Ghana In the olden days, when a child is born, the proud father will want the child to be given tribal marks as a way of expressing that he is the legitimate father of the child as well as a way of identifying the child in their family lineage or ethnic group.

It is believed that the best way of identifying people of same ethnic group is the similarity of their marks and in that case, they protect their interest.

There are vertical lines, horizontal, both vertical and horizontal, slanted lines on both cheeks.