Sun radiometric dating

16-Jul-2015 23:28

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Potassium 40 (K40) decays to argon 40, which is an inert gas, and to calcium.

Potassium is present in most geological materials, making potassium-argon dating highly useful if it really works.

For potassium 40, the half-life is about 1.3 billion years.

In general, in one half-life, half of the parent will have decayed.

In two half-lives, half of the remainder will decay, meaning 3/4 in all will have decayed.

In general, in n half-lives, only 1/(2^n) of the original parent material will be left.

I believe that there is a great need for this information to be made known, so I am making this article available in the hopes that it will enlighten others who are considering these questions.

Even the creationist accounts that I have read do not adequately treat these issues.

However, this causes a problem for those who believe based on the Bible that life has only existed on the earth for a few thousand years, since fossils are found in rocks that are dated to be over 500 million years old by radiometric methods, and some fossils are found in rocks that are dated to be billions of years old.

Potassium is about 1/40 of the earth's crust, and about 1/10,000 of the potassium is potassium 40.

Uranium decays to lead by a complex series of steps. Thus we obtain K-Ar dating, U-Pb dating, and Rb-Sr dating, three of the most common methods.

For isochrons, which we will discuss later, the conditions are different.

If these conditions are not satisfied, the error can be arbitrarily large.

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