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generates quite a bit of traffic -- teens showcase their musical talent, goof off, or just talk and respond to comments, which roll in continuously.

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Because live streaming is unpredictable, it's possible users will share sexual content.Instead of observed iffy behavior, it's the for problematic content that might concern some parents.Some streams are a product of boredom -- there's a channel to watch people sleep -- and some showcase real talent; either way, there's definitely an interest in growing a fan base and getting more viewers, which may push some kids to do crazy things.Hashtags classify categories that viewers can search (#girls, #guys, #truthordare, #dance, #musicians, #sleepingsquad, #lgbt, etc.), and users can add broadcasters to favorites lists and receive notifications when they're broadcasting live.

The number of viewers is shown, and broadcasters can start trending if they have lots of viewers.She struggles with depression and doesn’t handle her alcohol particularly well, so I’m fairly sure this stems from the depressant part of the drinking getting to her, and she handles it by leaving.