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Massive social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google now represent one of the main ways that we communicate with each another.

And these platforms are built upon realtime web technologies; this tech powers the instant notifications and interactive experiences that are a big part of what makes the platforms so popular.

The play starts and the "actors" are presented with the lines to read out.

As they do so the audience can react in the mobile application by applauding and throwing flowers, or booing and throwing tomatoes. I've never seen the atmosphere of an event affected in such a positive way by a hack experience created over two days. Caplin Systems are one of the pioneers of realtime web technologies and their latest front-end product continues to demonstrate cutting edge use of the technology.

Murally is an app targeting creative teams who want to collaborate in a visual way using large murals.

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Industries which are benefitting from the technology include social, broadcasting, sport, finance, e-commerce, energy, education, healthcare and gaming.Working at Pusher has given me the relatively unique opportunity to see how these technologies are being used in the wild.All the examples provided below have been chosen because realtime technology makes the app so much more functional, solves a previously impossible use case or simply because it's an amazingly innovative application of the technology.I truly hope to see the technology being used more like this in the future.

If this interests you, also check out Jam with Chrome and Chrome Racer, which were also created as Chrome Experiements and were recently covered at Google IO.Shakey App was built at Culture Hack Scotland back in May 2012 by Jim Newbuery, Philip Roberts, P Ray Murray and Rory Fitzpatrick.

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