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"We were trying to save up for a house and had plans to have a second child but we ended up adding another member to our growing family.

I was perusing a local car forum online one day and came across this Celica—I guess you can say it was love at first sight.

The car ran great with an updated heart but the rest was in dire need of attention.

The Vongs looked at the uniqueness and redeeming qualities of the Honda F22C swap as a worthwhile investment so the couple decided to strip the chassis bare and start from scratch.

The floor board on the driver's side had two holes from rust that were large enough for me to put my foot through it while driving." Vong explains.

Attention had to be focused towards the cancer that was eating-up the near 40 year-old coupe.

Each of the faces was carefully stripped before coated in a custom "Black Solar Rain" finish.

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The staggered 16-inch classic mesh wheels are a product of popular wheel customizer, 5One.

It is a show car/cruiser after all so comfort takes precedence over performance, especially when it comes to dated suspension design.

Each corner features an electronically managed air bag over a Bilstein gas shock.

I'd always wanted to build one of these and this seemed like the perfect opportunity." The Celica Peter discovered seemed like an ideal base; besides the dated bright green tone, the car had already been swapped with a Honda S2000 engine.

There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it mechanically, and the photos of it looked decent for the price.I had photos and videos that the owner sent me, but it was in far worse condition than I thought.