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But the issue is more nuanced than that,” Blom tells The Local. Men want to be able to handle the pressure and perform when they have sex.And they might not know how to use condoms the right way, and have problems with them.” Blom says that if men feel comfortable with how to use a condom correctly, they are more likely to actually use one, no matter what the situation.“But when it comes to understanding the information in terms of your own body and what might be better suited to you, it’s more difficult.” Sweden isn’t the only country grappling with the issue.Earlier in June, the UK’s Telegraph newspaper launched an editorial campaign called #Take Back Birth Control, aimed at helping women better understand contraception.“This group of women would benefit from more information about age-related risks regarding reproduction and more importantly their own fertile potential," the report from Uppsala states.“That’s one reason why individual visits are so important,” Anna Blom at RFSU explains."We want to remind women that they - or their boyfriends - must take precautions on the ‘red days’ given in the app indicating a risk of pregnancy." Women can keep track of their cycles with intuitive graphs and cycle statistics that provide users with all the information they need to manage their reproductive health naturally yet effectively.“The education aspect is a critical element, particularly given the general lack of knowledge about fertility,” Berglund adds.

"But we also send a condom along with every thermometer in the post," says Berglund.

Recently Swedish women even got their very own word to describe female solo action.