Updating nvidia drivers on macbook pro

26-Jun-2014 05:03

updating nvidia drivers on macbook pro-23

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Keep them held down until you hear the startup chime for the second time then let go.downloaded from which give you error when you try to install it.It's an early-2013 15" inch model with the Ge Force 650M discrete card. It's typically good at running games, though I realize it's just a laptop.I decided to try and squeeze some more power out of the 650M by downloading NVidia's display driver, rather than using the OS X version.Apple optimise OS X and update the drivers themselves to deliver the most stable, safe operating environment for your Mac.Warning – Ever since updating to mac OS Sierra 10.12 and the current 10.12.1, NVIDIA’s drivers are causing my Mac to kernel panic.On Bootcamp, downloading the Nvidia driver for Windows made a big difference, and is completely stable. Unfortunately the Nvidia drivers don't appear to be very stable with the bespoke GT 650M in the MBPr .It causes the game to crash randomly every 20-30 mins.

Back in October, I explained how you can install Ubuntu on a Mac.

However, you can switch back to the default OSX drivers using the Nvidia control panel easily.

Installing the Nvidia drivers did slightly increase the overall FPS even using the OSX drivers - maybe it updates some common resource?

It has 2.7 Ghz processing power, 1 gigabyte of graphic RAM, and 16 gigabytes of RAM. So, I went to system info, system report, and went to graphics, and it shows two video cards. Now, the first thing I noticed was how it was acting like one of those old TVs.

An Intel HD Graphics 4000 card, and an NVIDIA Ge Force GT 650M card. You know, the one were the screen would wave up and down?

But the instability is annoying with the GT650m - its not down to temp - it stays around 65-70 degs .