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“I am a singer and it is my responsibility to promote my cultural heritage and take it to another level.I believe that our Bhojpuri culture is very enriching and beautiful but due to certain wrong portrayals of our culture, people have developed a negative perspective regarding it.

The association also noted with concern that falsehood is being spread about the officer being caught red-handed, which seems to be totally incorrect.

On a platform where he could have sung any other song to lure the viewers, he chose to sing a song that has a regional touch to it because he believes that representing his roots on national television would give him inner satisfaction.

Folk and regional songs have been losing their touch over the ages due to the changing tastes of the audience but through his performance, he proved that folk songs are indeed very melodious and rekindled the fading glory of folk singing.

I think that not only as a singer but as a person also, it would be my privilege to take every possible step for glorifying the status of my state.

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Jai Bihar”, said the enthusiastic Bhavani Kumar Pandey who would like to establish Bhojpuri as a language that is incorporated in Bollywood just like other regional languages.Though he does not belong to a musical background, he always sang bhajans and kirtans with his grandparents.