Dating someone whose parents are divorced

07-Aug-2014 11:00

/ How To Date, Marry & Fit Into The Life Of An Educated Professional Man / Women And Regret: When There Marry Someone Thinking He Is Rich(photo) (1) (2) (3) (4) I am not sure if it's a good idea because: 1) People are a product of their environment. ESPECIALLY WHERE THE ABANDONED ROLE-MODELS WHERE NEVER AROUND TO TEACH THEM SELF-RESPECT AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS?

If a person is comfortable with being raised in a single parent home, he won't have a problem raising his children in that kind of environment either. WHO LOVE TO PUT OTHERS DOWN TO MAKE HIM OR HERSELF FEEL BETTER.

Truth is that these kind of parents use their children against each other and feed their children with horror stories about the other parent. Is he or she spiteful or pessimistic about life in general?

You dont want to marry people with this kinds of baggage trust me.

I didn't choose that for myself so y should we suffer for it.

As long as the girl's character is good, pleaseeee marry her.

I want the BAREST-minimal effect from such COLLATERAL-DAMAGE-"SEQUELAE"(secondary/tertiary consequences) or negligible noticeable after-shocks of the DIVORCE-DYSFUNCTIONALITIES.

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Dn't be surprised he'll end up being smarter than his parents and avoid making the same mistakes they did! If the love of my life is frm a broken home,i'll deal wif him as an ''individual'',not his ''parent's product''.

Find out whether or not the divorce was due to violence or adultery or other forms of abuse.

My take is this avoid people from families that had very bitter divorces and the parents are still fighting each other.

My opinion is that find out what caused the divorce. .given to NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND SELF-DESTRUCTIVE IMPULSES?

Also find out if both parents have moved on or if they both still hate themselves with a passion.

Also, thread carefully if it was a very abusive marriage. While I will not say it is a no-no, but be careful when getting married to people from broken [email protected] It really depends on how psycholgocally-damaged/emotionally-confident and stable they have become AFTER THE DIVORCE with the appropriate coping mechanisms.

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