Effects of dating on children

30-Sep-2014 22:07

Families or individuals who have experienced domestic violence are in the process of healing both physically and emotionally from multiple traumas.

These traumas can have various effects on the mind, body and spirit.

According to a study done in 2000, 60 percent of battered women reported feeling sad or depressed for extended periods of time. In some instances of dissociation, people may find themselves daydreaming.

But in situations where dissociation is chronic and more complex it may impair an individual's ability to function in the “real” world, such as not being able to focus on work related duties or being able to concentrate on schoolwork.

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This can result in shock, dissociation and many other kinds of involuntary responses while the violence is happening.Other factors can include age in which the trauma occurred, previous exposure to unrelated traumatic incidents and extent of therapy or timing of intervention.It’s important to know that the effects of domestic violence can be overwhelming to experience, and even to learn about.Many factors can influence how a person responds to short- and long-term effects of the abuse, such as the frequency of abusive incidents, degree of severity and the effects on physical health.

The overall impact of domestic violence also depends on the individual’s natural reactions to stress and ways of coping with stressful situations.The chronic exposure to domestic violence—and the stress fear resulting from this exposure—can cause not only immediate physical injury, but also mental shifts that occur as the mind attempts to process trauma or protect the body.

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