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And one day he drove down to the whorehouse Cause all the farmers had consented and granted the right of way, But the pornoboskos wdn't.have it at any price And said he'd shoot the surveyors, But he didn't shoot ole pop in the buckboard, He giv him the right of way. These are not exactly typical readings of the poems, so much as readings I’m doing with a specific research project in mind — how to write Ezra Pound as a figure in a novel in which modernist artists, poets, and musicians secretly waged an occult war in the earlier half of the 20th century.Or maybe about artists, musicians, and poets waging a secret, occult war in some other world vaguely like ours, in a time period somewhat like the late 19th century and early twentieth.What seems common to all these figures is a squalidity in the midst of plenty, a corruption of spirit in choking off the natural flow of art, beauty, wisdom, knowledge, or even wealth.But what all this has to do with the expatriates in their sordid and ridiculous, or sad, or strange wanderings, remains unclear.

We get the following: Fascinating Occult Connection of the Week: Florence Farr was “a British West End leading actress, composer and director.

Here’s what happened: basically, Pound slapped three more Cantos onto those he’d already completed, and published it (in France) as .

MORE MORE MORE Though it feels funny to say it this way, Canto XXVIII seems to deal with transcontinental expatriate journeys of different kinds, some of them successful but many, in one way or another, a failure; and the canto also deals with failings of different kinds.

By the way, the account Wikipedia presents is that Farr went to Ceylon’s Uduvil Ramanathan Girls College (an educational institution run by a Tamil religious and political figure (appropriately named Ramanathan) long before she got cancer, for idealistic reasons: …

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at the age of fifty-two, she sold all her possessions and moved to Ceylon, returning to her first vocation, that of a teacher.

If you’d like to know more about the project, I recommend scrolling down to the bottom of extended post, and reading the first installment in this series.