Dating a deaf girl

21-Jul-2015 04:44

" and "Guidelines for Successful Dating" will help you understand what it takes to create a relationship.The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again will help you want to find someone you can really love. Face it, it’s the truth: A high percentage of hearing men simply do not bother learning sign language. Up until now I’ve been loyal to my fellow male pigs, vociferously defending our right to burp, scratch, and watch Monday Night Football. Why am I annoyed with hearing members of my own gender, you ask? Every time a deaf guy I know dates or marries a hearing woman, 90 percent of the time that woman signs. However, a grim reality lurked in the back of my mind.

If they're already henpecked at home, she wonders, why would they want to be henpecked in class? Dear Rufus: I understand you love her, but does she love you? If you're not deaf, can you speak American Sign with her? They keep complaining about deaf gals but sometimes I want to cry because I love that girl so much.Hearing mothers and sisters appear to know and use more sign language than most fathers and brothers.

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Aunts and nieces also seem to have the upper hand over uncles and nephews. This is entirely subjective and I know there are exceptions. Most men, especially macho types, are not too crazy about self-disclosure, sharing feelings, and communicating (barf! The very nature of ASL requires that you reveal your thoughts and feelings through visual expression. Through ASL, you often allow others to see your innermost feelings. I can just see the Chicago Bears’ Fan Club running for the exits, trying their best not to puke. Most of this article is for couch-potato Neanderthals like me.

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