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It's really bizarre that we've undergone this transition into these little avatars that are meant to be idealized representations of ourselves, and it happens on every level from something as large as a company to something as individualized as, well, an individual.I look at Tinder, for example, and what is Tinder if not these little, nitpicked, isolated moments of you at your most ideal? But also, in some way, it's intended to sell people on you, which is fucking weird because it has to be breeding this new culture of narcissism.Join us and discover the accounts you need to be following now.Alan Palomo, better known in the blogosphere as producer Neon Indian, is a self-proclaimed "social media Goro," with hundreds of thousands of followers across multiple social media platforms and a treasure trove of good contentâ„¢ to back up his case.And I remember we were driving back to LA, and I was just taking a nap in the car and was half awake, hearing my tour manager talk to someone and being like, "Hello, who is this? The only time I've been stalked is when someone was trying to get ahold of a much larger band. What's the weirdest thing someone has @'d you, though? I get a message every couple of weeks in another weird Slipknot kind of mask of them standing in their backyard or in their bathroom or something.No, it's not an MGMT side project." The moment I heard that, I was like, "Oh, fuck." She has my phone number now. There's someone who messages me all the time in different anonymous masks. It will always be these really abstract, cryptic, Reddit-style nonsense things where they'll just refer to me in old Grecian names like Kronos or something and just start talking about some fictional historic event called the Blood Reign.

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Or a weird stationary video selfie where some girl is just standing in her living room, or someone will send me a Snapchat of an ant crawling across a table, which is where I get to the point where I'm just like, "Do we need that platform?

I was also reading this article the other day about the future of surveillance and how there's been controversy between the CIA or FBI when they were trying to access this laptop.

It raised this debate about whether Apple should be building products that have these intrinsic back doors built into them for the purpose of police investigation.

But really, at that point, the issue that it raises is how you can have the key to anything.

That's almost a conversation that's five years too late. But kind of reminds me of this conspiracy theory that [rapper B.o.To have some additional degree of rapport between you and the people who are following you.