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10-Jul-2016 18:34

Systems must be registered before updates from RHN can be applied. It can also be accessed via the command line by using the "rhn_register" command.Registration requires local root access and a valid RHN login that has an unused Update or Management entitlement for the new system you want to register.Red Hat Enterprise Linux starting with versions 6.1 and 5.7 introduced a new Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) service, which runs in parallel with Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic.Users that are new to Red Hat or would like the enhanced subscription information and improved content access should use RHSM.Make these changes to your The primary master name server will load the new zone data.Slave name servers will load this new data sometime within the time interval defined in the SOA record for refreshing their data.

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Because this is so counterintuitive, we think it's best to stick with integer serial numbers.) Can you force a slave to load the new information right away?With Version 8 or 9 masters and slaves, the slaves pick up the new data quickly because the primary master notifies the slaves of changes within 15 minutes of the change.Each change means that zone data files must be modified. Or at least use a tool to increment the serial number for you.

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The syntax of zone data files lends itself to making mistakes.

Refer to FAQ for Changes to Red Hat's Entitlement Platform with RHEL 6.1 and 5.7 and What's the difference between management services provided by Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic and Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM)? To register your system either trough the GUI or form the command line follow the instructions in the Using and Configuring Red Hat Subscription Manager guide.

As long as you are on the same page regarding this, things look like they may progress smoothly.… continue reading »

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