Brisbane dating agency scams

17-Apr-2016 23:21

They are high-level public servants, managers, businesses operators, Ph Ds.Older people are attractive targets because they have access to superannuation, life savings, own their own homes. A lot of it is about loneliness.” When we fall in love, we tend to confide in that person.“It was incredibly complicated.” Then, in April this year, a phone call came to say he and his lawyer had been in a bad car accident and now there were medical bills. I thought, ‘Oh, my God, I have been scammed’.” It was, she says, like a death.

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“It was not surprising when the offender’s mother had that same illness.”Kathryn Collins of the Queensland Police gives an example of the way scammers typically operate.

Yet the majority of victims are too ashamed to report it, so the real figures may be significantly higher.

“There is no pirate with a patch over his eye,” the Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection in Western Australia, David Hillyard, says.

What Patricia couldn’t know was that now that she was hooked, the fix was in. He got held up in Malaysia for bringing too much money into the country and he needed help for living expenses until he got it back.

Then he was returning her money by diplomatic courier – with an exit fee of ,000. All documented with a courier website and tracking sheets.

They talked on the phone night and day in their own little bubble of excitement.

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