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30-Nov-2016 10:52

This is how the Chinese government is warning women against dating foreign nationals, who might have ‘secret agendas’said a report by Associated Press.The poster shows how Li meets a red headed man named David, who becomes close to her, through compliments on her beauty and by giving her flowers and taking her out on fancy dinners.“I see that many girls marry not because they love their men, but simply because they are expected and required by family to be married.” The same is true with Chinese men who have been labeled as “bare branches” to emphasize their single status.Ben Han, a 30-year-old freelance journalist who writes about conservation biology and environmental impact assessment, jokes that he has more chances to see wildlife than single women.Attitudes are changing,” said Yong Cai, a sociologist and population expert at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.Cai also said that it has become acceptable to marry someone whose earnings are less than your own.As a single man looking for a partner online, Han admits that “women may have higher expectations for men’s economic incomes and physical appearance, and vice versa, so both sides do not match.” Women can’t find the men they want, nor can men – a predicament derived from traditional Chinese views regarding marriage and spouses, which dictate that people should marry within their social class.

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Zeron Don, a 33-year-old single woman from Zhejiang Province, laments that even in her developed coastal hometown, ingrained traditional demands for marriageable women persist.“Because in Chinese tradition, the wife should be younger than the husband.” “In the Far East – not just China – marriage is more than your personal matter,” she added.“It’s the combination of two families, not just two people.So the standard of the spouse’s family becomes the most important factor in a marriage, instead of the affection.” In Don’s view, the recent adoption of the two-child policy will only add more hurdles to women getting married.

Married women who still pursue their careers now face the threat of companies with biased hiring practices, such as refusing to hire women who plan to start a family or have a second child.

“I know it sounds crazy, but in China, despite having more than 37 million [single] men, we can’t get married.