Delay in updating basmati grades

28-Nov-2015 20:46

(No number) Added ability to sort tables on the fly using Java Script (multiple locations) (No number) Added ability to send mail to any user with an associated email address The Online Grades team is pleased to announce the release of Online Grades 3.2.2.

This release incorporates several bug fixes and adds a few new minor features.

One of the preferences that they could change was their login id, or user name.

Since changing the user name is potentially confusing, there is now a per-school option (admin -- edit school) that determines whether teachers at that school are able to change their user name if they are allowed to change their preferences. 1559502 A warning is displayed in the admin interface if you are not running My SQL 4.1 (no number) A change was made so that the link at the bottom of the student login screen is to the parent login screen, if the parent center is available (it can be turned on and off in the admin configuration section).

For an overview of how Grade Groups works please see

If you are wondering where Online Grades 3.2.3 went, we decided to skip this version number due to the new Grade Groups functionality and other new features that have been added since 3.2.2.

The Online Grades software is free; there is no software cost to post your grade results online.This is a change because previously the link here was to the faculty login screen.

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