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09-Aug-2014 01:06

It showed CA Tax completed and ready to file, NO errors found, guaranteed.

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Rather than give up 7 of my returns I switched to H&R Block, which didn't have quite as nice of a user interface, but was actually free for the same refund amount.Couldn't access my return without paying for the "amend" pkg! When I called them after several different days trying to get their program to work, I was told I had paid for 2015 & 2016! The representative took 50 minutes of my time in which he made me false promises like "Yes, sure! " He asked me to make the payment with my visa card and asked me to hold after that.

Most importantly, if the Game is played by understanding social rules, then it helps to know how, when, and why they were programmed.… continue reading »

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Mega-Dating also helps you to avoid settling for mediocre. nice:)So when I was single, one of my Must-Haves was a partner who was “street smart.” Now, when I think of “street smart” it looks to me like a person who is social, who doesn’t conform to the “norm” just to please people, and who’s confident--both in their speech and in their body language. Tell me about your best stage 5 clinger moments in the comments below.… continue reading »

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The Australian Family Association said the presentation “simply aims to inform people on the issue of same sex marriage and neither the message on the flyer advertising the event nor the presentation itself have a political agenda’’.… continue reading »

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Unfortunately, form comes at the the price of function.… continue reading »

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Zachary Levi — The post-Chuck life hasn’t been as remarkable as one might have imagined for a guy that seemed poised to be the next big thing. He had a small role in Thor: The Dark World, and has starred in a Yahoo web series (Tiny Commandos) and a couple of TV movies, but he’s yet to really find a comeback project.… continue reading »

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