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If you find your debt load and monthly payments overwhelming, you may want to consider consolidating your credit card debt.

The Federal Trade Commission's article, "Knee Deep in Debt," recommends consolidating debt as one of many possible strategies, including budgeting, debt negotiation or credit card counseling.

One important caveat: When you negotiate a lower payment, the IRS usually counts the forgiven amount (what you're not required to pay) as income, which means that you'll owe taxes on that money.

Q: I've got ,000 in credit card debt, ,000 in student loans, a car payment and an interest-only, variable-rate home loan that will adjust in two and a half years. How will I ever be able to save for today, for retirement, for my sons' futures? A: Your overriding goal must be to stay current on all your monthly debt.

(We didn't pay our bills until we were about to be sued.) We've settled one balance for ,000, and we're in the process of reducing another one.

How can we remove these blemishes from our credit reports and improve our scores fast?

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Next, ask your mortgage lender what your payment would be if the adjustment hit today.But once a delinquency has been reported to a collection agency, paying it off won't help your FICO score.

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