Hook up no credit card

27-Aug-2015 23:45

The machine transmitting device is commonly referred to as a “telemeter.” A Wide Area Network connection (WAN) is needed to transmit the encrypted card data from the vending site so that the transaction can be confirmed and completed.A WAN cellular connection works in the same way as most cell phones, via a “SIM” card.Some machine transmission devices can send along the entire DEX data stream from the vendors or a subset of the DEX data stream.Some gateways can split off the sales data and use the information to provide dynamic routing or sophisticated route forecasting.The phrase, “cashless vending,” can encompass a wide spectrum of payment options.One may think of mobile phone payment, loyalty card programs, closed campus systems, closed network cards, pre-paid cards, Internet based systems, or biometric identification.The reduction in cost is coming from each area: hardware, transaction fees and monthly network charges.

A cashless payment is presented in the form of credit, debit, or prepaid card.

Each vending machine reader requires a special embedded antenna for proximity cards, and this technology will add cost to a vending machine card reader.