Updating the motherboard

15-Aug-2016 03:02

Hi all, On the Asus website, I downloaded the chipset latest driver for my machine.

The ZIP file was unzipped and I ended up with 2 files: One file has a ''md5'' extension and the other a ''rar'' extension.

Please visit your motherboard manufacturer's website to determine what type of chipset your motherboard has and where you can find the most recent drivers for it.

Many motherboards use the Nvidia n Force platform for the chipset.

Drivers are available directly from Nvidia, under n Force drivers:

lang=en-us While installing these drivers, you may be prompted to install the Nvidia Network Access Manager.

This page contains steps on updating drivers and not how to download and install Microsoft Windows updates.

Below is a listing of our recommended hardware devices that you should make sure are updated.

If you are not comfortable in performing the steps indicated by your motherboard's manual, please contact your motherboard manufacturer or system assembler for assistance.Since I just built my first PC ever, and have never manually updated a motherboard on a manufacturer's website, I am very confused. Also, on top of that, each category, such as "BIOS" for example, lists out even more options.I see the different options, such as: BIOS, SATA, Audio, Chipset, Hotfix etc., but I have no idea what to download. I can't tell if each download is completely separate from the other, or if just one listing is "newer" than the other?The often times requires a floppy drive to be installed on the system.

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Please visit your motherboard manufacturer's website for instructions on how to check your BIOS version and for tools you can use to safely update your BIOS.We do not recommend installing that component because the Nvidia Network Access Manager has been known to cause issues with Steam.