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06-Jun-2014 14:42

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This is a bit much though, and if someone is busy and their phone is on full volume, it is super irritating.But how are we supposed to know how many messages we are supposed to send? This line is so easy to cross with non-texting friends who tend not to reply (because they are busy or just do not spend as much time on their phone).I personally think it’s better to send one long message rather than ten short one-liners in a row.5) Thou Shalt Not Send Late Night Drunken Texts And the biggest pain of living abroad and keeping in touch with friends at home: time difference.Just remember, it is perfectly acceptable to block a business contact from seeing your personal “moments”.What about when you meet somebody once, and you have a group chat going, is it appropriate to add them from there? This seems to be a pretty big We Chat dilemma, although from my experience it is generally fine to add anybody and everybody.Is it okay to message someone in the middle of the night?Does everybody have their phones on silent at night? It is hard to tell whether you’re going to be waking somebody up with that drunken text message from Sanlitun, or whether they’ll just read it in the morning – the perils of technology.

Last weekend I got added into a group of more than 90 people, and it was hard to stay as the topic of conversation generally felt irrelevant.I would say, in the case of a huge group chat you can definitely get away with quitting, for whatever reason, but in a smaller group it is so easy to offend.But sometimes when you find yourself in a really odd social situation there is really no other way.Whereas other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have more security measures, your We Chat moments are pretty open for the whole world to see (unless you adjust your privacy settings), so naturally this open attitude to adding people limits what you are willing to put on display about your life.

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It also seems incredible that sometimes, when making Chinese friends, the first thing they want to do is add you on We Chat.

Texting someone in the middle of the night does not seem that acceptable, but sending a Facebook message does, even though with the new Facebook Messenger app it still makes a sound on your phone.

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