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02-Apr-2014 22:38

I have been programming with PHP for 5-6 years, "developed" (or should I say configured) an e-commerce site with Joomla for my dad's business and have been doing contract works here and there. Also some of the people who have posted to this forum, their links aren't working. In a typical 9-5 job this would amount to about a week and a half.Deliverables included: The Idea - Cooking up a brand with a name, identity, and purpose Planning - Creating functional specifications, visual wireframes, and information architecture Design - Creating mock-ups and defining aesthetics, typography, positioning, and color Development - Writing the actual code Testing – Ironing out the kinks Launch - Going live I didn’t do this in 66.5 hours, mind you, these are actual hours I spent working on the website.

All I’ve lost is 66.5 hours and a couple bags of coffee beans, I’ll just go back to my day job.There were no design meetings, Gantt charts, or conference calls – just myself, my computer, and my ability.Avoid “feature creep” Although this problem is usually more prevalent when working with a client, it can happen while going solo as well.1) How's the performance of Drupal under heavy load?

I read some article online that when caching is enabled performance increases up to three times.

Are those failed projects due to lack of development time?