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The rise in the Internet has transformed how Americans work, play, search, shop, study, and communicate.

Facebook has grown from its inception in 2004 to over a billion users, and Twitter has grown from its start in 2006 to more than 500 million users.

For respondents categorized as currently married at the time of the survey, we examined marital satisfaction.

Analyses indicated that currently married respondents who met their spouse on-line reported higher marital satisfaction (M = 5.64, SE = 0.02, = 0.008).

Among respondents who remained married at the time of the survey, marital satisfaction was observed to vary across the on-line venues in which they met their spouse [ Traditionally, people met their spouse in off-line settings: work, school, social gatherings, and so forth.

The majority of Americans still meet their spouse off-line, and among the off-line venues associated with high marital satisfaction are schools, growing up together, social gatherings, and places of worship, whereas among the venues associated with relatively low levels of marital satisfaction are bars/clubs, work, and blind dates.

Those who were married relatively recently, who were unemployed or in “other” employments, and who identified their religion as Catholic, Spiritual but unaffiliated, or Atheist exhibited larger effects for meeting on-line ( summarizes the percentage of respondents who met their spouse through various off-line venues.

Analyses indicated that the off-line venues in which respondents met their spouse also were associated with different levels of marital satisfaction [ summarizes the percentage of respondents who met their spouse through specific on-line venues.

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We performed a χ test to investigate the extent to which the percentage of marriages ending in separation or divorce differed for individuals who met their spouse on-line vs. The percentage of marital break-ups was lower for respondents who met their spouse on-line (5.96%) than off-line [7.67%; χ = 0.16].Of those who met their spouse on-line, nearly half met through on-line dating sites, whose number of users has increased dramatically just over the past decade (3).However, little has been known about the demographic characteristics of individuals who meet their spouse on-line or about the satisfaction or break-ups of marriages in which couples meet on-line vs. Various on-line dating sites claim that their methods for pairing individuals produce more frequent, higher quality, or longer lasting marriages, but the evidence underlying the claims to date has not met conventional standards of scientific evidence including: () randomized clinical trials (3, 9).Consistent with these experimental studies, research of on-line users suggests that authentic on-line self-disclosures are associated with more enduring face-to-face friendships (5).

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Rosenfeld and Thomas (2) provide some evidence that relationship quality for partners who meet on-line may be higher and the 1-y break-up rate slightly lower than for partners who meet off-line.We also found that a surprising proportion of marriages now begin on-line.

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