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You drink half, then go to the bathroom, open the condom, and pour the rum into the can.” “It works great,” he said.

“As long as the condom doesn’t break.” Other uses are still more obscure.

The island has the lowest HIV rate in the hemisphere, according to the World Health Organization, and one reason is the ubiquitous availability of inexpensive prophylactics.

Cuba’s public health programs promote safe sex and condom usage in public service announcements, and their heavily subsidized price indicates the government is committed to making sure condoms are available, even if their end use may not be epidemiological.

The latex is so strong and supple that kids can even draw faces on them.

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Traffickers also subject Cuban citizens to sex trafficking and forced labor in South America and the Caribbean.A strand of fishing line with a baited hook was tied to the core of this contraceptive bouquet, and as soon as it hit the surface, the current began pulling the white, rubbery apparatus out to sea.“We use them a lot this time of year, during the snapper run,” Perez explained, letting out his line from a homemade wooden spool.” Jose Luis Diaz quizzed his fishing buddies on a recent evening, near a trash-strewn river mouth in western Havana. “It’s a matter of necessity,” he said flatly, admitting he’d rather use condoms out here than in the bedroom.

In the fading light, their floats looked like glowing little zeppelins, coasting along the surface of the darkening waters. Cuba’s government-run stores and pharmacies don’t ration the condoms or limit their purchase, but fishermen say they try not to overdo it.

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