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22-Jan-2017 12:59

Benazir is disgusted but she eventually allows him to keep his promise.

Badhshah is also being hunted down by the brother of the murderer of Benazir's father...confused, well watch ' Khuda Gawah' to clear that up.

The songs are quite beautiful (with the exception of the first one which is pretty bad) and stay in the viewers mind long after the film's ended.

There's also the refreshing addition of the Pathani culture to the story.

The movie starts with Khan, a Patthani warrior competing with a rival warrior for a carcus.

After 12 minutes of chase and bad editing, the rival warrior's mask falls off, and guess what, she's a very young babe.

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Music was outstanding, dialogue was strong, characters were excellent, nothing wrong with it.Badhshah lustfully stares at this hot chick (who is young enough to be his daughter, oh, but who cares? This sequence is followed by a terrible song where Badhshah expresses his lust to Benazir (which is the name of the warrior princess) and challenges her.After the song the warrior princess challenges him back and states hat if Badhshah manages to bring back the decapitated head of her father's enemy, then she will be his.This was a wonderful movie which had so much to offer. When this film was launched it had sanjay Dutt in the role of Nagarjuna. dialogues are very good, even the director did a very good job comparing to the movies at that time "1992".. I gave the director 9 out of 10 The actors 8 of 10 The writer 9 of 10 the songs 10 of 10 But for the final scenes I gave all of them 10 out of 10.. if you can't watch the movie with a good translation of the songs.. What it does have is loads of drama, melodrama, melo-melodrama.

Amitabh's third film with Mukul Anand (after Agneepath and Hum) in a phase in which he had no hits except for Hum. the actors did wonderful job especially Sridevi as Benazir and Kiran Kumar as the mad guy Pasha.. and I admit it: for first time in my life I stopped the movie many times because I could not tolerate that high degree of emotion.!! Yes, Khuda Gawah is, lamentably, low on imagination.

But, ' Khuda Gawah' is clearly, and not surprisingly, Sridevi's film.

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