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07-Apr-2015 22:18

Update the mntner you wish to delete with a different person object’s NIC-handle in the tech-c and admin-c attributes. Once the mntner no longer references the person object you wish to delete, you can delete that person object. To protect objects, the APNIC Whois Database uses maintainer objects.

The Whois information for your website or domain name includes your name, address and phone number.

Example of updated object template: person: Albert Brooke Crichton address: 123 Example st.

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Therefore, to delete a person or role object along with its mntner object, you must: 1. Because the APNIC Whois Database is an important source of information for the Internet community, it is important that the information in the database is accurate and not vulnerable to unauthorized changes or additions.Sometimes it is necessary to update the origin attribute of a route object.

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