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### Raster Effects FXG allows the declarative specification of filters, either singly or in combination, that can be applied to any grouping element in the FXG document.

These are specified in such a way that the graphics are still scalable and displayable at different resolutions.

### The Rasterization Model FXG rasterizes all elements on screen at the same time using a single rasterization pass.  This is different from a traditional painters model approach, in which each element is painted onto the surface in succession, from back to front.  In an FXG processor, a rasterizer sweeps across each scanline, rendering only those elements that are visible at each pixel of the output image.  Elements (and portions of elements) that are completely obscured by elements with a higher depth are never considered in the rasterization.  This can have subtle differences in the way the edge of a shape is composited with the background from the painters model approach, especially when two edges are coincident.  FXG's rasterization model  matches Flash Player's closed-open model.

### Rendering Order Elements in an FXG document fragment have an implicit depth.  A processor assigns depth by walking the document in a depth first order, assigning each leaf node an incrementing depth as it goes.  Each element effectively paints above its previous siblings in the document.

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These transformations are aggregated together as the FXG processor walks the document and are used to transform the rendering of each leaf node descendant of the group.

### Text and Fonts FXG includes text elements that can render a set of shapes based on a Unicode string combined with a referenced font.

Fonts are referenced by family and style, relying on the rendering environment to provide the matching font definition.

The modified temporary canvas is then composited into the background taking into account any group-level masking and alpha settings on the group. ### Types of Graphics Elements FXG supports three fundamental types of graphics elements that can be rendered onto the canvas: * Shapes, which represent some combination of straight line and curves.

Any group with either a non-normal blend mode or one or more filter effects applied will render as a surface group. * Text, which represents some combination of character glyphs.What follows is a general description of the portion of the Flash rendering model supported in FXG.

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