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That’s a rare thing in movies.”Sourcemagazine: “I loved the way it moved and loved what it was about.I was a jock growing up in Oklahoma, and one of the things I think is wonderful about sports for women, especially young girls is that once you realize your physical strength, your quickness and your ability to reason on the move, nothing that society is saying to you can hold you back.”Sourcewhat made him take the role.The rest is major theatres across the nation, it was first screened at Sundance…in Utah…for a predominately white audience. She recalled that her basketball tryout with Prince-Bythewood was terrible. I had no idea I would be able to do it.”Source Source: Spike and Prince-Bythewood didn’t agree Sanaa should get the lead role Spike Lee, who served as a producer of the film, disagreed with Prince-Bythewood about who she should cast for the lead role.Immediately after the film was over, Prince-Bythewood couldn’t tell whether the audience liked it or not. “It was so embarrassing because literally I didn’t know how to dribble. He believed that it was more important that the woman have the believable basketball skills.I kept saying, ‘Thank God, I’m a woman and in control.

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was the bridging of two seemingly unrelated worlds, athletics and love.Source Source: Why Omar decided to take the movie Omar Epps told “I can relate to his vulnerable qualities”, the 27-year old actor quietly explains.