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The Fill operation then adds the rows to destination Data Table objects in the Data Set, creating the Data Table objects if they do not already exist.When creating Data Table objects, the Fill operation normally creates only column name metadata.The Fill method retrieves rows from the data source using the SELECT statement specified by an associated Select Command property.The connection object associated with the SELECT statement must be valid, but it does not need to be open.This would free up the connection so that it could be used by other applications, improving our application's scalability.Disconnected Recordsets also made applications more scalable in other ways.

Table Name = “Orders“) It would be so much easier if they made it so you can use the same Data Adapter to update all the tables you load into the Data Set with the Data Adapter.

If the connection is closed before Fill is called, it is opened to retrieve data, and then closed.

If the connection is open before Fill is called, it remains open.

Note When handling batch SQL statements that return multiple results, the implementation of Fill Schema for the OLE DB .

NET Data Provider retrieves schema information for only the first result. In ADO, if we used a client-side Recordset, our data was disconnected from the data source.